November 2023

I had a great time in Bodo, being an opponent in the PhD defense of Miiro Virtanen!

November 2023

Ludovic and Amélie were getting new fish for us!!

October 2023

Had a great time in our yearly mushroom picking trip!!

September 2023

Congrats Nina! So well deserved getting this manuscript published!!

September 2023

Tytti had great presentation and poster in SPS and European Physiology conference in Tallin!

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September 2023

I could not be more proud about you Luca! Such a great PhD denfense!!! You really know what you are doing!!

And thank you David McKenzie coming here to be the opponent!

Luca also congrats starting new position in Wageningen University!

September 2023

August 2023

The reality of fish measurements XD

July 2023

Congrats to Ludovic measuring your first ECG signals from sticklebacks!!

June 2023

We had awesome time in SEB conference and Ludovic and Pauline kept their first conference presentations! So proud about you!! <3

May 2023

Thank you Ulla about coming to help us to do heart rate logger surgery with us <3

Congratulations to Eugenie and Alycia finishing your Masters! Hope we will see soon again!

Huge congrats to Tytti about winning the PhD funding for next year!!!!

Also congrats again to Luca about another publication!

April 2023

Huge congrats to Shiva about perfect Masters thesis and also winning the best graphical abstract price about your thesis!!

January/February 2023

Welcome Thuy starting your PhD research in our group and for Eugenie and Alycia for starting your Masters!

Congratulations Luca getting a publication accepted!!

December 2022

Ending the year with great Christmas Party!!

And Huge congrats to Giovanna for getting a post-doc position from University of Easten Finland!!

October/November 2022

We have been extraordinary productive!! I am proud about everyone! Luca got second MS published, Tytti and Giovanna also a coworking article with Ella and Jonna. Mikko and I got one article about sebass also published and we are just waiting to get the proofs from Ecosphere about Luca's collaboration in Paltamo with Pauliina and Ari. Plus we all have been picking huge amount of mushrooms XD

September 2022

I am so super proud of Giovanna! You did it!! The first PhD who defended her thesis from our lab! It went so, so well! And thank you also for Gudrun De Boeck about being the opponent and giving good challenge for Giovanna!

July 2022

First congratulations to both Elli and Ulla about graduation!!!

We were celebrating the graduation in ICBF conference in Montpellier! Everyone were having perfect talks and posters! I am so proud about my team!!

June 2022

Luca got his first first-author article published!! Congrats Luca!

May 2022

Tytti's melanoma manuscript got published! Congrats Tytti!

April 2022

Giovanna you did it again!!! :D Congratulations about published article!

March 2022

Well done Giovanna!! One more article published!!

February 2022

Congratulations Anna about first published article in our lab!

February 2022

1/3 of Tytti's mice experiments done! Has been so cool to get ultrasound vidoes of cardiac function and also PET images!

January 2022

Welcome Clara and Diego to our research group!! Hope your masters projects will go well! Lots of exciting days ahead!!

August 2021

Tytti's first article is now published!! Congratulations!!

May 2021

Congratulations Amélie getting a huge Acedemy of Finland grant!! 500 000€!!!! Soon there will be a PhD student and research assitant positions open ;D

May 2021

Welcome Tiphaine and Chloé to our lab!! Hopefully this few months exhange period will go smoothly!

April 2021

Zebrafish exposures starting! Huge lab efford building systems, new measuring setups and everyone involved getting some exciting results!!

January 2021

Welcome Elli and Alex to our lab! Hopefully we will get exciting results with zebrafish!!!

December 2020

Tytti got the most amazing news from graduate school! Her funding is secured until summer 2023! Huge congratulations Tytti!!!!

October 2020

Giovanna is at winning streak! Third MS published! Congratulations! We had so much fun with Torstein Kristensen catching the char and trout for this paper in Norway!! :D

September 2020

Giovanna's second MS got published! This was an awesoem collaboration with Suvi Ruuskanen about measuring the thyroid hormones from our sticklebacks!

July 2020

Congratulations to Milla publishing first article about effects of diabetes on heart metabolism!!

June 2020

Welcome Amelie to Turku and starting your own research project in collaboration with our team! So awesome to get a group leader studying Environmental & Evolutionary Physiology!!!

May 2020

Welcome Ulla to our group!!! May the experiments go perfectly!! ;D

May 2020


Congratulations Anna on receiving a grant to study fish microbiota from the Turku University Foundation!

April 2020

Despite the COVID-19 situation stoping the work almoust entirely in our lab, our fish have survived and are live and happy. :D New patch of trout, hatched during February, are already swimming!

December 2019

Giovanna's first article got published!!!!! Congratulations!!!

November 2019

There was nice International Conference on Integrative Salmonid Biology meeting in Edinburgh, Katja got change to keep invited key-note talk in conference :)

Ásgeir Bjarnason was also vising our lab and teaching how use Star-Oddi ECG loggers with the fish :)

September-October 2019

Final measurements for this year in Enonkoski are finally done! Now we are just waiting how many baby fish we will get next year!! But the results so far are more than awesome, wait for our publications! ;D

Katja was giving a radio-interview about what we are studying in our group :D

August 2019

Enonkoski here we come again!! Setting up experiment with Luca with adult sea trout. And building heart rate setup in Turku to measure ECG of these fish during October!

August 2019

We had nice lab meeting with barbeque and Mölkky!! ;D

August 2019

Jenni Prokkola joined our lab as post-doc until end of this year!! Welcome Jenni!!

August 2019

Tytti finished her Master Thesis and got the highest grade possible!! Awesome, good work Tytti and congratulations!! Now continuing in our lab as PhD student!!!

August 2019

Intensive conference summer continues! Now in SPS meeting in Iceland!!

July 2019

Giovanna was successfully creating new life into our lab!! ;D Sticklebacks on their way :D

July 2019

One week at University after field measurements in Enonkoski and now we are at SEB annual meeting in Seville with Giovanna and Luca!! :D

June 2019

Finally we have finished our really intensive cardiovascular measurements in Enonkoski!! Six weeks of work almoust without breaks, the summer holiday will feel good after this ;D Awesome work Anna and Luca!!!

At the end of the trip Luca was also able to start optimising things for the fall & adult sea trout measurements...

June 2019

Katri finished her Master Thesis and got excellent markings!! Congratulations Katri!!

May 2019

Back in Enonkoski optimizing measurements!

We were in great Setac conference with Giovanna, Joni and Mikko!

April 2019

Emilie's first article got published in Aquatic Toxicology! Congratulations! :)

Anna, Luca and I started the rainbow trout training experiments at Enonkoski!

March 2019

Anna started officially as a post-doc in our group!! Welcome Anna ❤

March 2019

Finally we have done all the mice measurements with Tytti!! Hurraa!! Now we are living exciting times to see how training/cancer influenced the cardiovascular performance!

January/February 2019

Exciting times to start the field season for this year in -30°C in Paltamo!! We are having awesome coworking project with Pauliina Louhi and Ari Huuskonen in Luke measuring metabolic rates of trout eggs & juveniles reared in different conditions!

January 2019

Giovanna giving presentation in SIBC conference in Tampa, Florida!

November 2018

Giovanna got funding from BGG for her PhD until end of 2021!!!!!! Hurraa!!!! Congratulations and big hug to Giovanna!! <>

November 2018

Setac abstracts done for Giovanna, Joni, Mikko Nikinmaa and me!!! Will be interesting to see totally new conference!! :D

October 2018

We had awesome (cold!!!!) field days with Giovanna and Luca checking the temperature loggers in Pori, Pyhäranta, Porvoo and Kotka!! :D

September 2018

Had a wonderful "Fishes of the Future" symposium in London with e.g. Cosima!

September 2018

Tytti, our new Master student started working with mice!! Welcome Tytti!! <>

July 2018

Finally meeting my new PhD student Luca!!! Welcome Luca to our group - and directly to work in lab ;D ;D